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AT the time we're trying to update the semen FOR SALE list! If you own or  you know of Lineback bull semen or linebacks for Royell Bashore with information and you will be added to the list!!  this is extremely important we cant remember the last time this was updated.

Below is a listing of the members who have semen for sale.  Please note that some of this listing may no longer be available and/or the owners may have added new bulls.  This listing is not the latest, but will be updated as soon as the current info is received.
New York
Crump Farms, PO Box 298, Sherman, NY  14781
  -Crump Farms Bob, a white classic lineback.
Roger Beck,  11087 Church Hill Rd, Mercersburg, PA  17236
  -Becks-Hill-View Ferdiana a red and white lineback.
Don Brooks, 431 Bryant Rd, Mansfield, PA  16933
  -Doncol-View Nate, a Gloucester, black and white
  -DEW Doncol-View Lonestar-Red, a white classic w/red
  -Doncol-View Carlson Carl 4, a white classic
  -Reislers Wayne G, a Gloucester, black and white w/red carrier
Park Myers, Jr., 2588 Front Mtn Rd, Belleville, PA  17004
  -Jed's Belle-Fred's Beast a red and white lineback.
  -Park's Silver Man, a white classic with red points.
  -Park's Christy-Ren, a black and white Gloucester
Arlin Steiner, 23 Jimmy Ln, Lebanon, PA  17046
  -Swatara Bridge Moon Jack, a white classic
Elden & Debbie Woolf, 551 Northend Rd., Mohrsville, PA  19541
  -Doncol-View Pepe Lone Woolf and white classic lineback.
Jill Vail, 529 E. Wesmer Rd., Blandon, PA  19510
  -Myline Abraham Copenhage, a black and white lineback.
Joel & Lisa Guell, N4426 Northview Rd., Eden, WI  53019
  -Jay-Lee View Preston, a black and white lineback.
  -Jay-Lee View Jet, a white classic with red factor.
  -Jay-Lee View Murphy RC, a white classic lineback.
  -Jay-Lee View Moline Red, a white classic with Red.
Keith and Lisa Brunner, 3253 Larsonville Rd, Denmark, WI  54208
  -Cedar-Red Mr. Rose, a red and white lineback.
  -Cedar-Red Mr. Noah, a dark sided black lineback.

*below you will find semen for sale from Keith and Lisa Brunner, (there are 4 bulls)

click here to download file

click here to download file

click here to download file

click here to download file

ALDCR Webmaster* Royell Bashore 10458 Jonestown Road. Annville, Pa 17003